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Protective Services

Protective Services

We provide the full spectrum of security services, from uniformed security to executive protection. JCA specializes in premium protective services and our levels of service, efficiency and professionalism exceed industry standards. Our resources, collective experience, partnerships and contacts along with our geographical and linguistic capabilities enable JCA to perform these services locally, nationally and worldwide.

We provide security and threat assesments, and security consulting anywhere the need is required. 

JCA’s Executive and Personal Protection Unit provides customized protective packages for all situations. All necessary accoutrements such armored vehicles, interpreters, medical personnel etc. are provided. Our comprehensive threat assessment, security surveys and contingency planning exceed that of other companies. JCA’s Executive and Personal Protection Unit are comprised of former US Secret Service agents, acknowledged worldwide as being at the pinnacle of their profession; no where are there better agents. When you require this type of protection you will rest easy knowing who is protecting you.

JCA’s Inter-modal security division offers aviation, ground and maritime, passenger and cargo transportation security services. We offer aircraft and terminal security, passport profiling, baggage and cargo security, ground transport security, cargo facilities and high value shipments and courier operations. We can supply these services both in the United States and abroad. Our inter-modal capabilities and resources augment our abilities to provide personal protection on a worldwide level.

Our Protective Services Include:
Audio Countermeasures
Aviation Security Services
Commercial Buildings
Construction Sites
Electronic Countermeasures
Executive Protection
Fire Prevention
Guard and Patrol Services

Inter-modal Security Services consisting of:

  • Airline passenger Security
  • Aircraft Security
  • Air Cargo Security
  • Ground Transportation Security
  • Maritime Security

Internet and computer security
K-9 Security Services
Labor Action Management
Maritime Security
Passport Profiling
Personal Protection
Premium Security Services
Residential Buildings
Security Systems and Alarm Services
Security Surveys and Assessments
Special Events Security
Security Systems
Alarm Systems
Card Access Systems
CCTV Systems
Covert Surveillance Systems
Intercom Systems
Remote Surveillance